30 March 20

Please find the latest information below related to Essential Health & Wellness and the coronavirus pandemic.

As always, the best defense against this or any virus is optimizing your health and immune system. While life is quite stressful right now, it is imperative that you try to obtain a sufficient quantity and quality of sleep, maintain good nutrition, get regular exercise (also good for stress) and stick to your HRT and other wellness programs. We are here to help. 

As of 5:00 p.m. on Monday, 30 March, the State of North Carolina will begin to enforce a stay at home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. For more information: https://www.ncdps.gov/node/10849. Under this order, essential businesses will remain open. EHW is an essential business and will be open as usual. If you have an appointment, please call before coming into one of our office locations if you have:

  1. Recently (last 30 days) traveled to or from a specific area affected by the coronavirus.
  2. Come in direct (less than 10 feet) contact with anyone who was known to have COVID-19, was suspected of being exposed to the coronavirus or was exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. ANY of the following symptoms:
a. Fever of 100.4o or above
b. Cough
c. Shortness of breath or respiratory difficulty / distress

In order to serve and protect you, especially as our communities move toward a more aggressive containment approach, we have initiated the telehealth function of our EHR. This platform will enable you to have a remote appointment with our staff that includes both audio and video and is performed directly through our safe and secure EHR. When you schedule a telehealth appointment, you will receive an email notice. Merely save the email and a few minutes before your telehealth visit is to begin, open the email and click the link. You do not need to download a special app or program and this feature may be used from a smartphone, computer with camera and microphone or tablet. 

Regardless of whether your visit is in person or via telehealth, you will continue to receive email and text message reminders. Please note those reminders may also contain additional information related to the coronavirus. 

EHW is taking additional measures in our offices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These measures include:

  1. Each member of our staff will have his or her temperature taken every day upon arrival as a screening for symptoms. 
  2. Each visitor to our clinic will also have his or her temperature taken upon arrival. 
  3. We are attempting to room each client immediately to avoid any time in the waiting areas. 
  4. If you are required to spend any time in our waiting room – including check in and check out – we ask that you maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from any other person. 
  5. Our staff will use the appropriate measures to contain the coronavirus before, during and after physical appointments including wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning contact surfaces. 

We thank you for your support and cooperation during this crisis. As always, contact us should you have questions or concerns. 

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